Copying of Web pages

Please note that for the second time now my web pages have been copied en masse by unknown people . They have used my name and the words off my now deleted pages of … and
Because I have let those particular domain sites go, they are entitled to use the domain name…..but they are not entitled to use my soap information or my soap receipes and descriptions.

I am currently NOT making soap for sale and if you buy from those sites you are not buying any soap that has anything to do with me

Diane ūüôā


A New Dog

A new dog. A wonderful old soul . He ¬†has been here now for 5 months and has gotten a lot smarter generally. “Ginger” is essentially 10 and is ¬†another working dog cross ¬†(is there any other kind ?!!) …kelpie/cattle/rough collie. He loves his new home endlessly after way too long in rescue places. ¬†He is both as rough as bags and as gentle as a baby. I guess his life has made him like that. ¬†He has the saddest eyes and has vast amounts of fur to be removed for summer . ¬†He loves and is loved


pretty in pink and blue

DSC01723having spent time weeding the feral native/and otherwise violets out of the back garden where they are literally trying to strangle natives and other stuff and having spent time removing a pile of vines of some kind never seen on any other land i ever owned and having spent time cutting back the ill advised planting of the passionfruit vine………..i got help to cut these pretty hydrangeas. i never get pink but now i have…..and i suspect it is from the run off from the tiled balcony repair that occurred earlier this year amidst a lot of drama.

anyway……the flowers were beautiful before the terrible heat hit them.

they are still lovely …just not as they were.

the bottom pink one is my favourite i think.



maggies having minced turkey from 1970s Tupperware

DSC01688 - Edited (2)


recent soaps

these soaps were done after discussions with other soapmakers about techniques. I added yoghurt …

which i have not used for years. Makes a great soap.

Again …Lavender with a side of strawberry and cream….the very last of that particular fragrance

DSC01606 - Edited

the multi colour soaps are part of a donation i did for a charity and are all sold.

they were lavender and very popular